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From your review of this website, we have introduced you to a new and unique "cost saving" procedure that can add profit to the bottom line results of every heavy duty eighteen wheel truck owner in the United States.

You have learned that King Pins can now be refurbished on any trailer, at any yard, or any other location with our mobile vehicle and special equipment. Also, King Pins can now be refurbished in 1 1/2 to 3 hours, compared to days, quickly putting any trailer back on the road and installing a new King Pin. Also, the quality levels of refurbished King Pins are likely to be superior to that of brand new King Pins. We also provide to fleet owners a system to monitor the wear on specific Trailer King Pins, which allows them to schedule their maintenance and reduce their overall maintenance costs.

There are no known defects with the King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc. process as observed over the past 10 years. Rebuilt King Pins are FREE OF WELDING DEFECTS AND CRACKS. The hardness of rebuilt King Pins compared directly with the findings from a new King Pin sample have a HIGH DEGREE OF CONSISTENCY AT ALL DEPTHS. The WEAR CHARACTERISTICS of a refurbished King Pin are likely to be SUPERIOR TO A NEW KING PIN.

The quality of the King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc. process is reflected in the volumes of customer testimonies. King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc.'s management will provide you names, addresses and phone numbers of some sample customers and we suggest contacting several or more of these customers to authenticate and corroborate their satisfaction with the refurbishing process. We are confident that you will be equally satisfied with our King Pin refurbishing process.

We're a young company that will be experiencing phenomenal growth offering our cost saving services to the huge truck and trailer industry. The future is "big"and "bright" for King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc. We are the "pioneers" for this industry and you too, can be a part of this tremendous "adventure". The next step would be for you to contact us for you to receive our evaluation of some of your trailers and a private viewing of our six minute video tape.

Thank you for reviewing the information in our website. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact our office at either the address or phone number shown below. We will be happy to provide you with a more complete overview of the King Pin Refurbishing process. We enthusiastically look forward to hearing from you!

King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc.
P.O Box 802274
Houston, Texas 77280-2274
Tel: (281) 591-0453


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