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King Pin Refurbishing specialists are trained in refurbishing Trailer King Pins using this revolutionary patented process.

King Pin Refurbishing of North America Inc. is a Texas corporation whose business is the marketing and licensing of a patented process developed to refurbish the "Trailer King Pin" used by the approximate 4.5 million commercial trailers in service today. And trucking is growing, literally. The trucking industry is seeking increases in the size, weight and routes of heavy trucks, including the use of double and triple trailers. These trailers and their trucks can include 18 wheel single trailers that are 53 to 60 feet long. Double and triple trailers can be as long as 120 feet (the height of a 1-story building). In 50 years, single trailer trucks have doubled in size. Present federal law limits trucks to a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds. Recent pushes have been to raise the limit to 97,000 pounds. Bigger trucks, longer trailers and heavier loads are all connected at a single point-the King Pin.

The shear forces applied to the Trailer King Pin and the tractor are enormous--forces from the constant stopping and brutal contact from the momentum of a trailer moving forward. In the common 2-inch King Pin, anything beyond a 6.25 percent (.125 thousandth of an inch) wear is considered to be beyond tolerable and the King Pin should be replaced.

In spite of being constructed of the toughest, 4140 quenched and tempered forged steel, the average life of the King Pin is between two and seven years. The wearing rate of King Pins differs markedly between industry segments. A common trailer can weigh up to 40 tons, and the newer proposed triple trailers will weigh up to 65 tons.

Numerous Trailer King Pin assemblies are replaced every year on America's huge tractor trailer fleet. Until the development of a patented King Pin refurbishing system, every worn Trailer King Pin eventually had to be replaced with a brand new one.

A Refurbished King Pin Often Exceeds The Quality of a Brand New One.

A Refurbished King Pin Often Exceeds The Quality of a Brand New One.

King Pin Refurbishing's patented process revolutionizes the maintenance and repair of Tractor Trailer Kingpins.

  • King Pins can now be refurbished for less than the cost of installing a new King Pin.
  • Trailer King Pins are refurbished in 1 1/2 to 3 hours on your trailer, instead of days, quickly putting trailers back on the road and earning revenue.
  • This process is not new, and it has been proven over the past 10 years.
  • The quality level of the refurbished King Pins often exceeds that of brand new King Pins.
  • There has never been a single complaint about the King Pin refurbishing process.

We have demonstrated our King Pin refurbishing process in many locations throughout the United States and Canada. The response has been tremendous! There are no known defects with the King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc. process, as observed over the course of 10 years.

Ten years of continual refinement, testing and improvement of this patented process has resulted in a dramatically more efficient way to maintain and refurbish Trailer King Pins.
Excerpted from "KING PIN REFURBISHING OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.: Company Profile, National Truck Exchange - Issue 46, November 1997.


David H. Dewar, Vice President - Engineer and businessman. Mr. Dewar was responsible in past for operation of successful company (1972 - 1995) that performed critical audits and examinations of various clients, including Mobil USA and Mobil Canada, on oil field rig site locations running critical casing and tubing strings. In past two years has been responsible for operations of Q.A. Certification Specialists which provides engineering services and provides consulting and audit services for implementation and registration of ISO 9000 series certification.

Ken J. McCall, President, Secretary & Treasurer - Private Investor and General Manager responsible for investments, including real estate, oil and gas, Income and Asset Portfolio Management. Also responsible for development of new products, including through R&D stages, patent Issuances, and working closely with technical consultants for commercialization and marketing. Responsible for day-to-day financial management, computerized accounting, financial statements, tax and audit activities. Prior experience includes five years with Red Adair Company as Controller and Financial Manager, along with Personal Business Manager and Real Estate Property Manager for individual owner of companies. Financial Vice President for Holding Company with various subsidiaries in manufacturing, distribution and timber industry, with domestic and foreign operations. Performed auditing and tax assignments for Peat, Marwick & Mitchell, C.P.A. firm.

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