Why Should You Refurbish King Pins?

  • Safety/Trailer Inspections
  • Economics
  • Convenience
  • As Good Or Better Than New

Our Mobile Equipment Allows Us To Complete Process On Your Premises

Our Mobile Equipment Allows Us to Complete the Process On Your Premises

We have found that over 30% of the King Pins on trailers we have evaluated in the US would not pass the PMVI standard and, if inspected, would not meet the tolerances for acceptable King Pins. By refurbishing King Pins at .080" wear, you will not only save on maintenance costs specific to fifth wheel assembly, but the actual refurbishing cost is a fraction of the replacement costs for most trailers. Furthermore, your trailer is back on the road in 1 1/2 to 3 hours, not days.

This process takes approximately 1 1/2 to 3 hours, from start to finish. The alternative to the King Pin Refurbishing Process is that most every King Pin assembly in the U.S. is eventually taken off the road and out of service for a minimum of one to two days (or longer), while the old King Pin is replaced with a new King Pin for anywhere from $800 to $3,500 (depending on the type of trailer), plus the revenue which is lost while the trailer is off the road.

Refurbished King Pin
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A Refurbished King Pin

There are no known defects with the King Pin process, as observed over the course of refurbishing King Pins over the past 10 years with the process. The refurbished King Pins are free of welding defects and cracks. The hardness of refurbished King Pins has a high degree of consistency at all depths when compared directly with the findings from a new King Pin sample.

It has been said that the wear characteristics of a refurbished King Pin are likely to be superior to a new King Pin.

Portions excerpted from "KING PIN REFURBISHING OF NORTH AMERICA, INC.: Company Profile" National Truck Exchange - Issue 46, November 1997.

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