Our Patented Refurbishing Process

King Pin Refurbishing of North America, Inc. process is based on a concept developed and patented in Canada and patented in the United States under Patent Number 5,189,847. The patent was applied for on July 24, 1991 and issued on March 2, 1993.

United States Patent Office - Patent Abstract

"A portable device for resurfacing in situ a fifth wheel King Pin depending from the underside of a transport trailer. The device includes an elongate member, which is vertically disposed when in use, engageable at its upper end with the pin and supportable at its opposite end on a surface below the pin. Pivotably mounted on the elongate member is a second arm. The second arm is adjustably positionable relative to the first arm. The second arm includes, toward its end remote from its moveable connection with the first arm, a device, preferably an adjustably mounted power driven grinder, for resurfacing the pin."


Welding Process Using High Alloy Electrode

There is a simple, basic procedure to the King Pin Refurbishing Process:
  1. Inspecting of King Pin and upper coupler plate, which includes determining the exact wear on King Pin to .001" accuracy and examination/inspection of upper coupler plate to ensure compliance to SAE J700.
  2. Use of high alloy electrode in the refurbishing process.
  3. Patented process and equipment to restore King Pin to original dimensions.

Depending on wear of the King Pin, this process takes approximately 1 1/2 to 3 hours to complete from start to finish.

Refurbishing Specialist

Our Refurbishing Specialists are trained in refurbishing Trailer King Pins.

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