King Pin Refurbishing: Our Services

Our Services

We provide the following services:

  1. Reburbishing Of 5th Wheel Trailer King Pins:

    Please allow us to introduce you to a "cost saving" procedure that can add "profit" to the "bottom line results" for every heavy duty eighteen wheel truck and trailer owner or operator.

  2. Evaluating And Monitoring The Wear On King Pins:

    We also provide a system to fleet owners to "monitor the wear" on specific Trailer King Pins, which allows you to "schedule your maintenance" and "reduce your overall maintenance costs." We have found that by refurbishing Trailer King Pins at .080" wear, it "extends the life" and "reduces maintenance" on Trailers and 5th Wheels. Therefore, our customers save substantial maintenance costs when the actual dimensions on specific King Pins are properly monitored, thus preventing unnecessary wear and damage to the 5th Wheel assembly, and the premature installation of 5th Wheel assembly kits. Furthermore a "snug-fit" is achieved between the King Pin and 5th Wheel assembly, thus eliminating the "banging" caused by worn King Pins. The monitoring method we employ gives specific dimensional values, whereas the King Pin gauge likely used by your trailer maintenance department is a simple, and often unreliable, "go" or "no go" indicator.

Mobile equipment

Our Mobile Vehicles and Equipment Allow Us To Complete The Process On Your Premises.


  • King Pins can now be refurbished on your trailer, at your yard, or any other location with our mobile vehicle and our special equipment for this patented process.
  • King Pins are refurbished in 1 to 1 1/2 hours, compared to days, quickly putting trailers back on the road and earning revenue.
  • King Pins can now be refurbished for substantially less than the cost of installing a new King Pin.
  • Evaluation of King Pins on trailer fleets allow the operator to monitor the wear and schedule maintenance on the specific trailers.
  • Process complies with accepted practice for vehicle maintenance (PMVI manual 1998).
  • This process is not new and has been proven over the past 10 years.
  • The quality level of the refurbished King Pin often exceeds that of brand new King Pins..."Better Than New"

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